As an advantage size woman in Australia i discovered it hard to satisfy Aussie males and wound up going to Hollywood to dip my toe into the deep end associated with the pool that is dating.

As an advantage size woman in Australia i discovered it hard to satisfy Aussie males and wound up going to Hollywood to dip my toe into the deep end associated with the pool that is dating.

“we set myself a challenge to be on 50 times as a woman that is fat. Some tips about what occurred. “

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I’m 18 dates deep within my 50 Fat Dates quest.

As a bonus size girl in Australia i discovered it hard to satisfy Aussie guys and wound up moving to Hollywood to dip my toe into the deep end associated with pool that is dating.

It worked! We finished up in a three-year relationship that has been great, until it wasn’t and then we split up and I also ended up being solitary again.

New Year’s Eve rolled around I happened to be considering the year ahead. My fate ended up being unavoidable. I’d to haul myself right right right back in the dating horse and place a chubby leg over. The only path this is likely to happen was if we set myself an objective, a target or had an agenda.

We began thinking it through, “What if i simply did one date a week” appears doable. “If i did so that for the year I’d date 50 individuals. ” That’s huge! We persuaded myself through cliches, “It’s a true figures game. You’ve surely got to kiss some frogs. Every lid includes a teapot. ”

In accordance with that 50 Fat Dates was created.

Why 50 Fat Dates?

I was going on 50 dates because i’m fat (duh) and.

Additionally, because plus size dating is a taboo, because a lot of big girls (including me) have now been told they’re ‘too fat up to now, ’ out there because I wanted to find out what guys really think about dating plus size women and because I needed to put myself!

Be Real. Is not this 50 Fat F#cks?

Although on the basis of the response I’m certain could have been possible. It’s a bonus size quest that is dating a sequence of sweaty one night stands.

I’d been running my very own plus size we blog, Big Curvy like, for a long time so that it ended up being a smart choice to chronicle the 50 times.

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The Anal Episode

Whenever Everyone Else Claims “I Cannot Think You Are Not Taken”.

Valentines Day ended up being the perfect time for you to begin. Yes, within my mind this is a comedy that is real-life-romantic the creating and I also ended up being without a doubt would definitely have legit ‘meet cute’ just like when you look at the films. Wrong. Only if I knew the thing that was waiting for you.

My Full Figured Dating Arrange

Casting a net that is wide my main priority. I tried online dating sites, meetups, introductions, dating activities, big woman dance clubs, seminars, weddings, and networking mixers. I happened to be also targeting a cross section of males I always dated so I didn’t go after the same ‘type’ of guy.

Think about a silver fox, doll kid, divorcee, solitary dad, white collar, blue collar, various countries, ethnicity and religions. When you yourself have 50 times to relax and play utilizing the a number of opportunities is very long. It had been shaping up to function as bloody Noah’s Ark of dating with one guy of each and every ‘type. ’

Seriously however, I became in my own mid-thirties and ended up being searching for myself an excellent guy and in the place of sitting within my apartment wondering why I’m single and looking forward to anyone to come knocking to my home I made the decision doing one thing about this.

Although, (spoiler alert) one of many 50 Fat Dates really did come knocking back at my home. He had been a plumber delivered by the landlord to correct the bathroom. And now we wound up on a night out together (he had been #17).

Exactly just What took place regarding the times?

I happened to be catfished, stood up, and lied to numerous times. Yeah, nearly the romcom I happened to be longing for.

One man possessed a girlfriend and had been hunting for anyone to ‘join the relationship’ (yes a threesome) another had a gf, (we just discovered whenever she tracked me straight straight down and sent me an email with photographic proof warning me personally of their ‘ways’ and a warning that is thinly veiled of get off my guy).

There is the sexy ex-military man turned comedian whom lived together with his mum, the weapon lover whom ran me personally through just just exactly what he’d do in order to an intruder (taser them until they poop themselves watch for them to wake and taser them once again evidently), the super nice Spaniard (there is no spark but we enjoyed the bottomless champagne and orange juice at brunch), in addition to lumbersexual we came across while shooting a film (he had been an exceptionally high hipster and I also wondered if he’d ever really chopped lumber).

Not totally all of this dates had been horrendous. The guys that are good dated had been a little center associated with road without any spark.

Had been fat ever a problem?

Nope. No body freaked if they saw I became fat in true to life in addition to in my dating profile. Really, i discovered it quite simple up to now in l. A. A great deal easier compared to Australia.

All 18 times asked me away once more and I also undoubtedly broadened my perspectives whenever it stumbled on dating outside my ‘type’.

Why did you take a look at date #18?

Mr Beverly Hills kinda broke me personally. He said he had been 38 (he had been 55). He stated he had been solitary (he’d been married 33 years). He stated he previously no young kids(he had three ). He said he had been a home designer (he was a CFO for a rapper well worth $820M).

We think there’s always that individual whom changes both you and he had been that for me personally.

I’ve been for a hiatus that is dating since and a great deal changed during my life but #18 is not likely to be the conclusion. The search for 50 Fat Dates continues so look for date #19.

I’m returning to my ‘type’ and discover what are the results this time around.

What’s your experience with dating?