St. Justin Martyr Justin’s very first work seemingly have been their treatise Against all Heresies

St. Justin Martyr Justin’s very first work seemingly have been their treatise Against all Heresies

Believed Array Of Dating: 150-160 A.D.


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Info on Justin Martyr

Robert M. Grant writes (The Anchor Bible Dictionary, v. 3, p. 1133)

Now lost… Later on he composed their Apology now divided in to two components. The task is addressed to Antoninus Pius along with his two adopted sons. Its date could be distributed by Justin’s insistence on eternal fire when it comes to wicked, for within the 12 months 156 Polycarp of Smyrna, positively received at Rome the entire year before, had been burned alive after threatening his judge with “eternal fire. ” Justin’s essay starts with all the need to analyze accusations and explains what Christians think and do. The alleged “2nd apology” appears like a continuation associated with very very first, possibly with increased focus on the philosophy espoused because of the long run emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Justin Martyr ended up being a 2nd century christian apologist. Their apology is aimed at Emperor Antoninus, whom ruled from 138-161. Their apology may be dated internally through the declaration in chapter 6 that “Christ was created a hundred and fifty years back under Cyrenius. ” The apology may be dated to the year 156 CE since Quirinius entered office in the year 6 C.E. According to Josephus.

Their three works are known as the First Apology, the 2nd Apology, and the Dialogue with Trypho.

Irenaeus informs us that Justin Martyr had written an ongoing work against Marcion, that is now lost. Some materials that are authentic preserved into the fragments of Justin quoted by other article writers, though some of those fragments are suspect.

One other papers caused by Justin Martyr mentioned above – the Hortatory Address to your Greeks, regarding the Sole Government of Jesus, as well as on the Resurrection – are of questionable authenticity. They may have already been written rather by another Christian writer, now unknown. It’s been recommended that the Discourse to your Greeks had been originally A jewish treatise.

Some Contemporary Texts

  • Infancy Gospel of James (140-170 A.D. )
  • Infancy Gospel of Thomas (140-170 A.D. )
  • Gospel of Truth (140-180 A.D. )
  • Martyrdom of Polycarp (150-160 A.D. )
  • Justin Martyr (150-160 A.D. )
  • Excerpts of Theodotus (150-180 A.D. )
  • Heracleon (150-180 A.D. )
  • Ascension of Isaiah (150-200 A.D. )
  • Interpretation of real information (150-200 A.D. )

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